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Reverse Mortgage Calculator for Seniors

Reverse Mortgage Calculator

This reverse mortgage calculator is a good tool for senior citizens to use before they take out a reverse mortgage loan. The tool will enable them to determine just how much they can borrow against the equity in their homes even before they visit the lender.

The figures that you get on a Calculator for Reverse Mortgages are just estimates and are supposed to guide you. They are accurate but not the exact final penny. This is mainly because interest rates fluctuate and the fees associated with this loan will vary from one lender to another.

You should look for one that will calculate all three types of Reverse mortgages. There are three main programs that give loans are the Fannie Mae program, The FHA and the HECM loans.


Reverse Mortgage Calculators Dont Work!

Dont waste your time inputing innacurate data into a reverse mortgage calculator that is using formulas from last week, las month or last year. You need to call to get accurate information. There is no obligation in doing this, so really dont waste you time!

You may be wondering how you can find a reverse mortgage loan. There are various that can be found on the internet. Non profit associations and other AARP do offer the calculators for you to use. Initially you will be asked to enter some basic information about your background. They will ask you to include your current mortgage payments, the current market value of your home, any amounts that may be outstanding against the home, etc. All these figures will be factored into the calculation of the amount of money that you can get from the house.

Armed with the figures that the Reverse Mortgage calculator will give you, you can now approach a lender knowing approximately how much you should get. It is important that you talk to a financial expert or a authorized counselor before you go to the lender. This tool is important in understanding how the reverse mortgage is calculated and will give you the ability to plan for the use of the money even before you approach a lender.



The Truth about Online Calculations

Many companies want you to input your information to give you a calculation for a reverse mortgage. But really these are attempts to capture your personal information for their own purposes. If you have already selected the right company to do your final numbers then it is fine to divulge this information. However just know that you will not get an accurate calculation online, and you have just wasted your time. It’s impossible to give you an accurate calculation online there are too many variables.


They in reality have just tricked you into divulging your personal information and now you have to start all over to get a calculation once they talk to you personally. Some people might say "hey your button says “calculate” also, is that a trick also?”. The button indicates to us that you want us to call you for a calculation. The button will not take you to a screen with all your final numbers. We will need to call you to finalize this over the phone. All reverse mortgage calculators are only estimates, so in conclusion you are much better contacting us or another company directly rather than wasting your time online.


How can your home help
you live in comfort?

Find information about Reverse Mortgages by State

Reverse Mortgage

The Reverse Mortgage Helpdesk is a resource, clear and simple. It is also a free service. We want to make sure seniors and/or their loved ones who are making decisions about maintaining their home, have all the facts. Guidelines and procedures change constantly in the mortgage business. We want to make sure people who have worked all their lives are not taken advantage of by