Reverse Mortgage Information

Reverse Mortgage Information

So you want information on reverse mortgage loans? Well this article will walk you through the loans main points to help you better understand just what a reverse mortgage is and whether it is something that you would benefit from.


Reverse mortgage loans are a great way for you to take your homes equity and turn it into instant cash. Of course there are some requirements in order to qualify. You must be a senior citizen age 62 or older and you will need to have substantial equity in your home. Now this does not necessarily mean that the home has to be paid off but close to. Here is all the reverse mortgage info we hope that you will need.


There are three types of Reverse mortgage loans available for you to consider:

  • Proprietary Reverse Mortgage Loans
    • This loan which is also known as a “Jumbo Reverse Mortgage Loan”, allows the owner of the home to tap into a higher amount of equity due to the fact that the home is of a higher value.
    •  This is a private loan backed by financial institutes.
  • Federally Insured Reverse Mortgage Loans
    • This loan is processed through the FHA’s Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) program.
    • This is a government backed loan
    • In order to qualify for this loan you must take an approved counseling class provided by a HUD Counselor. This class could be free or a very low fee.
  • Single Purpose Reverse Mortgage Loans
    • These loans are not available everywhere and usually have less fees.
    • The loan must be used for one purpose only. The purpose will be specified by the lender.
    • In most cases these loans are used for home improvements or repairs.


When looking for a loan there is always one question worth asking and that is “How am I going to pay the loan back?” Of course there is no such thing as a loan that doesn’t need to be prepaid however, there is one piece of reverse mortgage information that no other loan has and that is a way to pay the loan back without actually giving them a cent. The home is your way of repaying the debt.

The loans maximum time frame is 15 years as opposed to the regular mortgage loan time frame of 30 years. Reverse mortgage loans mature faster than regular loans due to the fact that they are only available to senior citizens. The loan is also based upon the age of the senior citizen. The older you are the more cash you get. 

 If the loan has reached maturity and you are still residing in the home you will not have to pay the loan back right away nor will you be kicked out of your home. That is the great thing when you know more about reverse mortgage information. They allow you to stay in your home free of charge until you either pass away or sale the home in order to use the money from the sale to repay your debt.


Author: Steve Johnson



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