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Save money - online drugstore , Famciclovir - order famvir online When you apply for a reverse mortgage, you will be paid the equivalent or your home equity either as a lump sum or as installments as agreed with your lender. You can use the cash to start your own business, pay your medical bills, or for household expenses.


You have to look for a lender approved by HUD and FHA if you need a reverse mortgage loan. There is a list of approved lenders at the HUD website. Both the FHA and HUD do not provide loans. They only offer consumers and homebuyers with information on home loan programs.


You can apply for a Property Tax Deferral (PTD) loan in Louisiana. This single purpose loan is offered to seniors over aged 65 years and over but is not available in all counties. Check with your local tax collector's office for the programs that you qualify for. Rehabilitation Deferral Loans  (RDL) are also common in Louisiana. These are mostly offered in areas that are prone to hurricanes and especially those centrally located where Hurricane Katrina did the most damage.


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