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Any senior citizen living in Wisconsin, who is 62 years or older and owns his or her own home, is eligible to receive a Wisconsin reverse mortgage. Reverse mortgages are equity loans that only senior citizens are allowed to receive. This type of loan makes around 50% to 65% of a person's home equity available for him or her to use in whatever way he or she thinks is best.


A Wisconsin reverse mortgage makes it so that a senior citizen’s home cannot enter default or be foreclosed on. It will also take away the mortgage someone may have; thereby, making it easier for him or her to live comfortably. In addition, a person does not need to be in good health, or have good credit to qualify for this type of loan.


Once a senior citizen has decided to obtain a Wisconsin reverse mortgage, he or she must attend a meeting with a financial counselor that specializes in reverse mortgages. The meeting is mandatory; however, it can take place either in person or over the phone. When the meeting is over the senior citizen will receive a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) certificate. Once he or she receives this certificate a request for an application can be made to a reverse mortgage lender.


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